Hello everyone,

I thought I'd use my first post to introduce myself and give a background of what I am doing and actually start my specific diet and workout entries in July which will be my challenge month. Firstly, I have been reading Mark's Daily Apple for over a year now and last year I went Paleo for about a month and did a small amount of IF but quickly fell off the bandwagon. Life got in the way as they say. Last December I moved to the north of Italy to teach Business English and am at the foot of the Alps (the perfect Primal environment).

I'm in good shape, 165cm/5'5" and 55kg/121lb (pretty light actually) and I have a pretty low body fat percentage at 10%. I have a good exercise program, I cycle to work (adds up to about 30 minutes a day), go for weekend hikes or long walks and do push ups and pull ups on alternating days. I'm in good shape, regarding Paleo/Low Carb this has been more of a hindrance because I haven't had the usual reason (i.e. being overweight) pushing me into changing my diet. Also I've been living with my girlfriend and grandfather and the chance of persuading him to go Paleo is about zero. But now I am about to move house and I'll primarily be cooking for myself. So it is time to get back on the Paleo cart and sort out my health. I'm looking for Paleo/Low Carb to stabilize my mood, control my appetite and maybe even help me get stronger. Finally I'd like to drop my body fat down into single digits simply for vanities sake.

I started Low Carb on Thursday to try and give me a head start on Monday and try and get over some of the transitional symptoms before I start work again. The ones I am getting are fatigue and head fog. Actually I've just had a square of (dark) chocolate to try and lift the head fog so I can get through some prep work. Hopefully that fades by next week and I'll be an up and running Paleo/Low Carb enthusiast.

In July I only have two objectives. The first regarding diet is to buy and cook all the meat in my local supermarket, which in Italy is quite a variety. Everything from the typical down to hearts and brains. I'm going to cook and eat it all! The second is to add sprinting into my exercise routine once a week to complete the PB Exercise Pyramid. To help me with this I've just ordered a pair of Xero Shoes which I'll also use for hiking and walking. After I have structured my exercise and diet I'll be making Primal (and health centered) changes from top to bottom in my life.