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Thread: Hows my back workout?

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    Is this a sufficient back routine to counteract benching?

    I'm about 10 weeks into a 3x5 routine.

    B - Deadlift, squat, press
    A - Bench and squat.

    I ditched the Pendlay rows early on, about 4 weeks in because I didn't want my back to snap up.

    Since then I've replaced them with dumbell rows on a bench and cable face-pulls with a rope.
    8-12 reps on the row and 10-15 with the face-pull for 3 -4 sets after benching. Is that enough?

    I was thinking on adding in some kind of Yates row or bent over barbell row so I can use more weight but not sure?

    Basically, is a pendlay row for strength, necessary to counter balance benching for strength?
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