Per the advice on the acne thread, I'm planning to experiment with a high-fat ketogenic diet. Someone suggested heavy cream as a "safe" keto food, and given my love/hate relationship with dairy, I'm very curious. I know a high fat diet can be done without dairy, but it would be a heck of a lot more motivating and delicious if I could pour some gorgeous whipping cream over whatever I'm eating. So, to people who consume it or have in the past, does it seem to trigger an insulin response like other forms of dairy? Cause acne? Trigger weight gain? I swore off the stuff a while ago after my lack of self control resulted in my consuming an entire pint bottle of the stuff (!) in one day, but that was combined with lots of fruit and honey so I'm hoping the keto context will help diminish the addictive aspect. I just had a couple ounces whipped up with some cinnamon and cardamom and I have no desire to polish off the bottle, so we'll see!