Hi, first time poster here though I've been lurking the forums since I started eating primally.

I have been primal for about 2 months now and so far it's been going great. I've shed some pounds and have been feeling awesome.

I try to keep my carbs low and have generally been about 30 -100g/day, however this was an issue when I tried CrossFit for the first time recently. Midway through the workout I started to feel dizzy, nauseous, clouded vision, etc. so I grabbed a banana and that helped me make it through the rest of the work-out. I used to do long-ish distance cycling (50-90km) and back then I would just load up on pasta, bread and other non-primal carbs but now that those are out of the picture I am kind of at a loss on what to eat. Would a sweet potato during the day be all I need? Or should I eat something else?

So my question to you guys - what are some good primal foods to eat during the day so that I have enough food in my system to fuel me through a workout?