Hi from Lancashire (sunny at the moment).. I started on my lifestyle change 4 and 1/4 months ago and i'm loving every minute of it. I started out at around the 17 stone 6 region, within 8 weeks i'd dropped to 15 stone (34lb's or 15kg's). I had no intention on weighing myself but a friend asked me how i was doing and as he'd been following weight watchers he was keen to find out my results and the only comparison was weight. Neddless to says he wasn't that impressed with weight watchers results by the time i'd told him what i weighted.
Anyway i havn't bothered to weigh myself since and probably won't, i just see how i'm looking in the mirror and thats only when i can be bothered.
Lets face it the weight thing can wait, it will happen in its own time i'm just happy to be able to go out and play and run around after my dogs (2 x Dalmatians) and then run around after the kids (x 3).