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    A recent post got me wondering, how have other single people fared with the primal/dating combo? I think I've been a bit discouraged lately because the last person I went on a date with could barely comprehend the concept of gluten intolerance, much less a primal lifestyle. I know that the right person would be willing to listen and learn even if they weren't familiar with the ideas, but sometimes I dream of meeting someone to whom the words ketogenic or glycemic index actually make sense. It doesn't help that I live in a super hippie college area where many of the men are vegan (like, obnoxiously vegan) and could probably not take me on in a dark alley. I'm hardly an Amazon warrior princess but seriously, I don't know how the whole waifish hipster male thing has caught on so much. It's not the clothes or the body type that gets to me, though, it's the attitude. Most of them act like spoiled, entitled children. They don't ask women on dates...they want to meet to "hang out" at their apartment (e.g., hope that your mutual love of Florence and the Machine will inspire you to take off your clothing, or "meet for drinks" and then sit in the corner and not order anything (or offer to order you anything) because most of them work part time at Starbucks and apparently don't have $15 for a couple of cocktails. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel like some deep, instinctive part of me is like... "no, no, never ever have sex with this person, your children will be eaten by tigers", despite the fact that I'm fastidious about birth control and tigers are actually not a huge risk factor these days. I guess an easy answer to that is I should probably start talking to guys at the gym rather than at cafes, or OkCupid which has pretty much turned out to be a hot mess every time, haha. Anyway, that is my rant for the evening. What are other people's experiences with navigating the singles scene as a modern-day Grok or Grokette?
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