I've been pretty depressed lately, as in the last two weeks, and nothing's changed in my life. So, I suspect diet.

I recently upped my carb intake, from around 60-70g a day to 100-120g most days so I could resume Crossfit and not crash. Everything was going great, until I started eating white rice. Then I noticed I was eating more fruit. Then, craving actual sugar. My sugary-ricey habit has become daily now, and I'm anxious, angry, uninspired, and feeling generally hopeless.

So, my question is, do you have any starchy foods that cause depression for you? Any truly feel-good serotonin- boosting carbs in your life?

I'm going to ditch all fruit and stick with potatoes (those are great for me, especially white ones,) wild rice, and starchy tubers for my carbs. And really try to bring the daily carb count down to <100g, then see how I feel.
Any other ideas are appreciated.