Hello folks, another new guy here! I'm Stuart from the UK

Iím planning on switching to an 80% paleo diet over the weekend, but have a couple of concerns. My main one being that my bicycle is my current mode of transport, and I currently do around 25 miles a day, 5 days a week. According to various measurements Iím burning around 700-800 calories per day.

I ride what you would probably call a rigorous pace, and I end up breathless, sweaty, and usually head straight to the fridge. I can easily eat 600-700 calories as soon as I get in the office at 8am.

Would a diet comprising of 50g of carbs be sufficient for me?
Do I need up to the carbs after / before the workout?
I currently donít drink on much water Ė do you think this would decrease the hunger pangs?

My main aims are slight weight loss( maybe 5-10KG),increased fitness as well as muscle growth

I donít plan on decreasing my cardio, so please donít suggest I slow down or take it easier, as this isnít an option I want to consider.

Thanks all