I just spent 60 days in the Whole30 experience. I jumped in with both feet, joined the Forum, and started a log. Boy, are there some bossy-pants people over there.

Back story: Paleo since 7/2012. Felt great, but was truly living and 80/20 life where the 20% was sugar. Fell into the trap of Paleo desserts and Primal sweets, not addressing my underlying issue with sugar. Whole30 seemed like a good idea.

I could not string together 30 consecutive days, but I did stay 'clean' for 56 of the 60 days I tried. For me, that is HUGE! I seemed unable to get past the 2 week mark, and I think I need to eat more carbs. I missed my oats, my almond flour pancakes, my cheese and my raisins.

I'm back. Back to Paleo living minus the intense sugar cravings. Although I did not enjoy the level of restriction (not sure it was emotionally wise to remove so much enjoyment from eating and tasting and socializing), I did accomplish my goal. Food tastes better. Bell peppers and under ripe pears taste like sugar, and I don't reach for the chocolate chips. I haven't had a handful of chocolate chips since April 25th! For a girl who downed a 12 oz bag of dark chocolate every few days that is awesome.

I have learned I might be one of those who needs more carbs for serotonin production. I had a lot of fatigue that did not go away, and seemed to spike every 2 weeks until I had a carb binge. I feel better when Paleo, so here I will stay.

Now where is my non-compliant bacon?