I know D3 is more of the natural form, and is better utilized by the body, but I have a dilemma. I'm very sensitive to vitamin D3 sourced from lanolin, aka sheep wool. The second I take it, my lungs lock up, or at least that's what I believe. I've tried Solgar's 1000iu Vit D3 derived from fish oil, but even that has some lanolin in it, too.

I'm trying to get more sun, but can only get out 2x a week, as I work in an office. So, Vit D3 & sunshine are not possible long-term solutions. I was thinking about purchasing Mercola's "safe" tanning beds that help produce Vit D - I quoted safe because I'm not sure if they're really safe or not. Anyone have experience with those?? They're a bit expensive, & rather large, so not sure if it's a possible solution, yet.

However, I began to think about 2 other alternatives...Mushrooms grown in sunlight (as they tend to absorb the UVB rays and then begin to produce Vitamin D) or Vitamin D2. I would probably have to eat an astronomical amount of mushrooms to get the necessary amount of D in my body, so that's almost non-economical.

So, I feel like my only solution, currently, is Vitamin D2. Is D2 as bad as we really make it out to be? Anyone have positive and/or negative experiences with it? Thoughts? Concerns?

Thanks guys!