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    Adaption to food

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    Hi all,

    When I first started Primal and started to eat 85 % dark chocolate if I ever ate a whole 100g block in a sitting, the following morning I would have a bad stomach ache and have to go to the bathroom.

    Now, I can easily eat a whole 100g block in one sitting and I have no stomach issues or anything.

    Is this a bad thing? What do I make of this?

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    It's likely that you adapted to a higher fat intake. 85% chocolate is pretty high in fat.
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    I have started eating 90% chocolate and find that anything lower tastes too sweet for me. I was very disciplined and eating one square a day. Then one day I was stressed out and ate half a bar. I had a GIANT zit as my reward, bigger than anything I had ever had in my life. I haven't made that mistake again!!!

    I think your body can definitely adapt to different foods. I used to eat all kinds of crap and now get sick if I do. I used to drink pop all the time and now I get a stomach ache from the carbonation. I guess my body was adapted for those foods before and now that I'm off of them it's rebelling.
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