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Thread: Has anyone had these symtoms and did they go away?

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    I had increasing arthritic pain over the years. Switching to Paleo, excluding all nightshades, and adding Tumeric to many foods, I no longer have any pain and obvious arthritis only in my right hip.

    No longer any symptons in my fingers or back at all.
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    It's been a few days since I posted. Not sure if I should start a journal or not.

    Anyway today is (or would have been) day 3 of no starchy carbs. Yesterday I had a pretty bad headache and tried to get rid of it with no luck. I ended up taking more tylenol than I wanted but went to bed. This morning was ok but then I had dizziness, lightheadedness and a headache later in the morning. I ate sugar (refined & processed) and a whole wheat tortilla....the dizziness is still there a bit and the headache has subsided a bit. If I ate a piece of fruit, would that have helped? Now, I start again...

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    I had this kind of pain twice in my life, I was so panicked, went to the Dr to do arthritis and lucky came back normal/negative, the Dr didn't know what's happening and told me to live with it lots of people have aches and pains she said !!

    At the time I was doing Eat2Live which required me to eat a bazilion ton of veg daily - I did stop night shades but no change, then I gave that diet up and started eating a lot of protein again, and I felt good again, I didn't actually make the connection until the second time round, when I started doing a lot of veg juicing, within 2 weeks the pain hit me again, so went back to eating a lot of protein cut out a lot of the veg and I was OK again.
    Some veg are OK, like cabbage beans sprouts, carrots and all herbs etc
    Try to eat some white fish for a day, and see how you feel the next day, if you feel the paid is slightly better then it could be that?
    But the others here supplied good answers too, you never know

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