I'm new. Hi.

I should preface this post with:
a few years ago I had extreme pain in my fingers/hands so bad I couldn't brush my teeth or could barely drive my car. I was tested for lupus and celiac disease and the tests were normal. X-rays were done and it showed minor swelling in one finger, in one joint. My thyroid is normal as well. Every test that was done came back normal. Ultimately after a blood test my GP said it showed some minor inflammation but it wasn't known what it was or where it was coming from. I was put on a medication that worked but you could lose your eye sight. I stopped taking it. The pain seemed to go away on it own.

Present day:
Recently (the last few months) I have been experiencing "random" pains in my body. What I mean by that is one day there will be a pain in one of my knees but the next day it's gone or it's "moved" to the other knee. I have been finding I often get pain in my heels (new) and the pain comes and goes in other areas of my body. Today the pain is in some of my left fingers, left upper side thigh and in the bottoms of both feet. Tomorrow all of that could be gone and I could be pain free or have pain elsewhere. I also have acid reflux and depression (currently on 2 anti depressants).

Am I crazy?! I'm sure my body is yelling something at me....I just don't know what yet