I think this will serve both as the primal challenge statement and as an introductory first post.

I am 29, male, type I diabetic (diagnosed in 2005), living in Finland. Reading Zen Habits blog did the forwarding for me to Mark's Daily Apple.
During the past few years I've undergone a massive transition, both dietary and as of lifestyle, while coping with my condition.
The reading of The Primal Blueprint coincided with me obtaining an insulin pump with a continuous glucose measuring system (CGMS) (while in the USA this is a regular thing, in Finland not only it is not common, you have to pay for your CGMS accessories (e.g. sensor is 47 each 6 days)).
Now, after also switching to a primal diet, I can confidently say that I have never ever have so regulated blood glucose values and with almost nonexistent BG level spikes.
While this diet and lifestyle is vital for all of us, I find that for diabetics like me, this might just be the one thing that separates a long live ahead and an early retirement as an invalid/untimely death.

So here goes my 30-day primal challenge:
- As an office dweller (I am a software architect), my BG/insulin sensitivity is adversely affected by my lack of mobility, therefore I am going to go by bike (thankfully it's also summer) to work and back (21 x 2 km) each day;
- I am going to take the relaxed 80-20% ratio to a 90-10% carbs ratio in my diet, which constitutes of about the amount of milk in my coffee and the unprocessed honey in my evening cup of nuts;
- Do the 100 push ups program (now beginning week 3, so 4 weeks left, which fits exactly the time of the challenge).

I think that's enough of a push for the next one month, so will leave it at that (for now)

Grok on!