I have only eaten liver twice in my life; once was a horrible experience for an eight year old and the second was a lucky bit of perfectly cooked liver from a street vender in Korea. I tried cooking it after that, in butter with onions, and it turned out like bloody dry oatmeal. Yeah, I think I over cooked that one. So I tried again. This one turned out like the same bloody oatmeal, but more of a soggy spongy kind.

I have been eyeing the pile of chicken livers, among other less identifiable organs, next to where I buy my pork. I'm a decent cook, but just have no clue where I really went wrong the other times. Maybe it was the cut? Or the quality (commissary brand level suspicion). I need a how to offal from the very beginning. What do I look for in buying it? Are there certain species that are better suited to different things? I don't think my cooking was off the second time, but I am craving some vitamin A, D, and K.