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Thread: Store bought Rotisserie Chicken... PRIMAL?

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    I bought some store cooked chicken today and it tasted gross. I ended up eating fruit instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheyCallMeLazarus View Post
    I'd start my own thread to ask this, but it's so close to your question it would be a waste....

    I have always gone with the supposition that red meat is superior to pork or chicken if conventionally raised? Accurate? What is the order of best to worst meats if from a grocery store?
    If chicken is inferior to red meat due to lipid profile, does this drastically change if the chicken is free-ranged? (By this I mean raised myself on pasture foraging, insects)

    Any input would be great. This has always confused me!
    Many folks put red meat and seafood into an "A" rank because of dense micronutrients and low omega-6 fats, with pork and poultry falling into a "B" rank--possibly because the pastured and wild sources are harder to find in the US. Personally I rotate all of them for pleasure and just in case I'm getting too much iron, mercury, etc.

    Rotisserie chicken as a main protein source week after week is probably unwise but in the real world it's hard to pass up when money's tight. Just shop around and judge the sources when possible.

    My peculiar nutrition glossary and shopping list

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