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Thread: Obsessed with fruit

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    Quote Originally Posted by lark42 View Post
    Hi, AKlingen

    I'm just brand new at all this, so maybe not so qualified to offer my advice, but I think my experience is pretty similar to yours, so here goes.

    I, too, love fruit and could eats lots of it. But, I also have a very sweet tooth!! So, in the interest of n=1, for 3+ weeks I suspended my fruit consumption in case I was substituting fructose for other sugar cravings. I wanted to re-set myself, as it were. I replaced fruit with sweet veggies, first snap peas (oops, I think they're legumes) then sweet bell peppers, carrots and tomatoes instead. Then I moved onto less sweet veggies like zucchini and mushrooms, then stronger flavoured veggies like asparagus and broccoli.

    I am thrilled to report that my 'sweet tooth' must've 'fallen out' - and I've only just re-introduced fruit back into my days, but as condiments instead, and choosing in-season berries and pitted fruits. For example, my current favourite is a big leafy salad topped with veggies du jour, salmon, and 6 or so blackberries (no dressing). Those few berries add such a delightful flavour burst and satisfy me just fine.

    To re-iterate what others have wisely posted, fruit isn't necessarily 'bad' for us, but veggies do pack a better nutritional punch and provide better satiety.

    I've also learned that a large part of eating wisely is to enjoy what you're eating.

    Good luck and have fun going primal

    Bang on the money. Alot of the carb cuddlers that frequent this forum forget about this detail. If you've just landed from the SAD diet then its highly likely you have an unhealthy relationship with carbs (ie addicted). My advice is to go cold turkey for a month or so (basically until the carb flu has subsided, because you are now making your own glucose), once that is done reintroduce carbs on a cyclical and experimental basis, should be all good after that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Ya know when I read the title of this thread I had absolutely no idea it would lead us back to the carb wars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tresa View Post
    "Holy fuck, people. Eat fruit. It doesn't make you fat."

    I beg to differ. Lots of sugar in fruit, and it stalls weight loss for some of us.

    The Primal Blueprint's new edition is even updated with new information about fruit consumption because feedback from the community about it.
    Don't know...I actually overcame my weight loss plateau when I switched from "more fat" to "more fruit". No cravings, no bloating, regular bm's.

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