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Thread: A good question....

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    A good question....

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    Can someone answer this with specific reasons why?

    I've been reading Mark's book, articles and forum. He says:

    1. Eat only when truly hungry
    2. Replenish glycogen stores after workout.

    I'm usually never hungry after I workout. Even if I start out hungry I lose my appetite. So I always question - should I eat?

    Thanks very much in advance!

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    What are your goals?

    You wanna get swolled (meathead terminology for hypertrophy and bulking) then "you gotta eat!"

    You wanna have healthy markers and just generally look good nekid then I'm gonna say nope. No reason at all to time your meals. Your overall weekly intake is far more important.

    You have to do two a days or something? Well then yeah, you might need to replenish glycogen stores for recovery. Working out every other day? Those stores will get filled via your normal eating patterns and partitioning.

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    This happens to me too and honestly, I just eat when I start to feel hungry... I never force myself to eat!

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