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    Quote Originally Posted by noodletoy View Post
    in the northern hemisphere, that apple was harvested at least 8-9 months ago. yuk.
    The apples I buy are imported from South America so I don't think that's necessarily true.
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    Such humour on this site

    I was on Atkins, and never really ate any fruit, and if I did it was berries. If I ate anything else, I had an overwhelming sense of guilt and cheating and it would then make me think - F**k it - may as well eat a dozen donuts!!!

    In answer to the question what I'm looking for with this lifestyle - it's a bit more focused on the whole aspect, and getting as 'clean' as I can. I can't afford grass fed meats or always organic items, but I'm striving for the best I can. I'm looking to add the exercise in once I've improved from an injury too, as I have a spare tyre that needs displacing!! Luckily I was already able to see results in respect to increased energy, glow, better sleep, no more arthritis, coming off prescription meds (codeine / anti inflamatories which needed an anti ulcer drug to compensate), stopping drinking, almost stopping smoking, happier - the list really does go on!!

    Anyway, I'm half way through my PB book, and it's pretty awesome - can't wait to tone up!!


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