I have been convinced I have blood sugar issues for quite some time now, and a doctor has finally diagnosed me with hypoglycemia. However, I havenít been tested but rather reported symptoms; shaky, hot, fatigued, unable to concentrate Ė worse after exercise or high sugar, alleviated temporarily by carbs or sugar. I have water fasted in the past and thatís improved things but Iíve always gotten worse again, and it doesn't seem to work as well now, especially as I start to shake and then panic Iím damaging myself, so give up early and eat carbs! I really think paleo would help me but Iím concerned as to how I should start Ė if I go cold turkey Iím worried about my sugar dropping too low, but slowly weaning off so far is not working at all... does anyone please have any experience or suggestions about what might be the best course of action?