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Thread: Rice and.......Depression?

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    Rice and.......Depression?

    Yesterday I cooked some white Jasmine rice (white jasmine rice, ghee, water, salt, pepper) as a side to grilled fish and vegetables. I ate approximately a cup - cooked.
    Unlike potatoes and bananas, rice is not really a regular for me.

    I was feeling fine yesterday, but today all is wrong with the world all of a sudden. I woke up after almost 9 hours of restful sleep feeling tired and cranky. My workout routine sucked. Now every little mundane task feels too overwhelming. I'm not feeling like my regular self at all. I'm depressed and feel like crying for no reason.

    I think it's noteworthy to add that I felt exactly the same way the day after I had a beer about a month ago.
    I know it's not the carb load per se, because I'm not that low-carb anymore and I do fine with bunch of carbs - at once or spread throughout the day from other foods.

    WTH is up with that? Has anyone else experienced something similar?
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