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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    Only if it matches your purse.
    my man purse or the exectuive lunchbox as some call it (ie breifcase) is gunmetel gray and black .. matches my new glasses wardrob and personality perfectly .. but my 3 4x4 truck are all yellow so go figure
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigChris View Post
    I feel bad that the first time I have been able to get up and away from my desk since the walk was just now, but programs don't write themselves.
    As a business owner and part time student, I was getting very frustrated of feeling torn between the need to move it and the need to be glued permanently to my desk. Solution: treadmill desk (I got one from And, it is the air conditioning. I Love It.

    Here is the one in author Rebecca Skloot's office:
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigChris View Post
    emmm that's part of what go me into this state ... cooking and eating fun... sitting and reading relaxing.... sittly and playing on the comp destressing ...... having to work, bill need paying.... haveing to micomange what I eat ever meal... needing to workout, walk, lift, excersis are the apitomy of not fun ... but uless I want to be a homelss corpse need to be done .. like dislike don't factor into it
    Good for you, BigChris. That is taking responsibility for your own health. You can do it. I always hated that people say find something fun, grrrrrrr, if it was fun I'd already be doing it. But yeah, gotta be done, like brushing your teeth or whatever. Keep it up, it will get easier Best wishes.

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    I like your sense of humour Big Chris! My advice is to swim - best exercise ever. If you can't swim then buy a kickboard and use that. I couldn't swim when I started 2 years ago and now I can do 30 x 50m laps easily. If you have trouble with that ridiculous head turn for breathing then do what I did and buy a snorkel. Snorkel breathing is supposed to expand your lings, anyway.

    Good on you for giving it a go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    Only if it matches your purse.
    Ideally it should match your walking dress.

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    What a graceful lady!

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    Sounds like you are electrolyte depleted.

    Knifegill is christened to be high carb now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnegans Wake View Post
    I feel bad for someone who can't walk one mile, and feels the need to create a freakout post about it.
    We all start somewhere. I'm happy to support anyone who is willing to take the first step.
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    calling the other kids names is not how we make friends, young man

    for real though, like anything it gets easier the more you do it. but don't push it, and realize summer is hot so it'll be easier to walk in the am or the evening pm

    also, you can knock it down to half a mile til it's easier and have a cold bottle of water in hand or waiting at your return point
    yeah you are

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    I set up the board that way just because of the space available. Later pictures will show a tray at the bottom to hold everything and to ride a square on. I just use trim nails to support my battens.

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