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Thread: Please help me find food for my kids!

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    Quote Originally Posted by janelangan View Post
    Thanks, again, everyone. I sure would love to hear more. If nothing else, these responses have boosted my resolve to keep at it.
    Have you tried frozen bananas on a stick as a treat? Just peel a banana, break it in half, then stick each half on a 'popsicle' stick and freeze. It tastes disturbingly like icecream when you eat it.

    Breakfast was the big battleground for us, and really, we decided not to win the battle and lose the war. So yeah, the kids can have ricies if they want. Just not chocolate coated sugar bombs.

    Our kindy is a nut-free and egg-free zone, so lunch there is pretty much always several pieces of fruit, a slice of cheese, and maybe some yoghurt.

    Try them on Bacon and eggs. It worked for a while for us (but the kids OD'd on eggs and now object to them). Or Sausages and Eggs....

    Or give them smoothies for breakfast (bananas/other fruit, cream/milk/coconut, vanilla essence)
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    We did banana pancakes for Father's Day and both kids loved them!

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    Do you eat dairy?

    Munchkin loves a cheese omelet in the morning, or cheesy scrambled eggs.

    Remember, you don't HAVE to do breakfast foods for breakfast. I've served meatballs on sticks, steak slices with fruit, heck, dinner leftovers reheated! In the beginning the biggest hurdle was cutting out all the sweet stuff. To do that I offered tons of savory things for the meal with the occasional (maybe 2-3x a week) dessert or treat.

    Is it bread they miss or the ease of a sandwich? I had the hardest time getting Hubby off the sandwich kick-they were just so easy to throw together. If its just the ease of use then try lettuce or cabbage rolls ups with fancy toothpick holders (fancy stuff makes food taste better If its the taste or, I still haven't found a replacement for those

    For kids I've also found making it special in someway can help. That can be special kid plates or special silverware or something as simple as a carrot string used to tie up a bundle. Just something that makes it a little different and unique. Munchkin loves those separated kid trays or bowls that look plain but at the bottom is a picture. My nephew LOVES weird utensils, they have some that are basically dumptrucks on a stick for the spoon and forklifts on a stick for the fork, that type of thing, and he'll eat anything if he can play with his "trucks".
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