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Thread: Swimming help

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheyCallMeLazarus View Post
    I'm only saying this so emphatically for my n=1 experience with it.


    It changed by fitness many years ago. I was always a strong runner and cyclist, but my big goal of doing a full Ironman was thrown out by my inability to swim like that. My first swim I did 2 laps and nearly died.

    After 2 months I was doing 40laps. After 6 months I swam a mile in the ocean parallel to shore, walked out of the water, and ran back on the beach. It will transform your swimming form, for about 12 bucks. It is all based on a systematic approach to getting your form as efficient as possible. I cannot recommend it enough

    I re-learnt swimming with TI and it is a pleasure now. Get the TI DVDs. They are worth every $ you pay.

    For motivation, here is the greatest of all time TI swimmer:
    Few but ripe.

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    I STRONGLY second getting experience open water swimming!

    I was very confident swimming laps in the pool, and had swum in rivers in lakes and rivers as a kid.

    BUT! When it came time for my first sprint tri, I aborted after the first leg of the swim, maybe 100 yards of a 400 yard swim. I was unnerved with all the people in my age group around and passing me, and subsequent groups passing me. Then I started thinking about the deeper water I was in. Had a bit of mental freakout and had the boat pick me up.

    I bought a wetsuit for subsequent races, and that made a world of differencefor me. It gave me confidence because I knew it would help keep me afloat if I had to stop, esp. In rought waters. And yes, I do know how to swim in place-you'd be surprised at how many people don't.

    Bottom line, get some open water experience in water that is much deeper than you are tall, and/or get a wetsuit.

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