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+4 - Mark could have called it the "Stop eating bullshit" blueprint and I'd have found it during my search that day. And it would have made sense.
Not quite. The problem I see is that there is too little focus on the other aspects of the blueprint, i.e. physical activity, sleep, social environment, etc.

The "paleosphere" is indeed full of fantasies about the past, which is a reflection of a sad intellectual state in general. But like with many other topics, it depends on whom you talk to, etc. I don't understand why we should focus some much on the world paleo, when it can be just mentioned as a side comment: paleolithic people did not try to exploit their environment beyond natural capacity and owed their (more or less assumed) good health from that simple "respect" for the balance of their ecological niche, even though I doubt they thought along these terms. So the unfortunate side effect of the prefix "paleo" tends to hide some basic straightforward aspect of what the PB is about: stop eating toxic shit all day long, move your butt outdoor, take it easy and have fun with the people you live with. There is nothing strictly paleo about that last statement.