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Thread: Eating before exercise

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    Eating before exercise

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    I don't know if this comes under nutrition or fitness catagory but I thought I would stick it here!

    Today is my first day back on PB after spending a time being a dick and eating rubbish.

    I am trying to lose weight (gotta lose about 100lbs) I used to do a bootcamp type activity called BMF (British Military Fitness) and plan to go back to that this week. When I last went to bootcamp whilst being primal, I had a bad episode because I felt I wasn't properly energised.

    My questions:

    1. How long before exercise should one eat?
    2. What should one eat before exercise?

    Bare in mind that Bootcamp lasts 1hour and is quite intense.


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    There's no right depends on your body and you should experiment to find out what works for you. I work out in a fasted state.
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    There is kinda no right answer.....but....some people work out fasted, myself included, because there are multiple health benefits involved. Does that mean you can't eat a banana before hand? no....I work out fasted myself because I hate having anything in my stomach when I'm working out....but I would say you should have not eaten about 3 hours before a workout that's usually what I do. SO, I say give "fasting" a try but take this 10 min before your workout:

    Amino Acid complex powder
    A little salt ( containing iodine)
    8 oz of orange juice

    you will feel awesome, and have everything your body needs for a killer workout.

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