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Thread: One Green Superfood Supplement to rule them all - Green Vibrance

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    Exclamation One Green Superfood Supplement to rule them all - Green Vibrance

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    There is ONE SUPPLEMENT that RULES THEM ALL: Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Family Size Power - 60 Day Supply, 25.61-Ounce: Health & Personal Care

    I've tried many different green "superfood" powders and didn't feel any difference with any of them. However, with Green Vibrance, you feel different within a few days: better alertness, you wake up an hour earlier (more energy), better looking skin.... the list goes on and on.

    There are currently 386 five star reviews on Amazon. I copy paste just one of them below. Each of them detail some life changing experience with this magic powder. I can tell you from personal experience that this is NO placebo effect or hype. One spoon of this stuff and it's like you've just consumed the healthiest ORGANIC best salad your body could ask for.

    Whenever I stop taking it (when I run out) I feel how I'm falling back within days. Then I start taking it again and again feel the difference.

    Here is the review:

    I will add to the chorus of positive reviews of this product. It is absolutely incredible and is, essentially, a pharmaceutical grade phyto-nutrient/herbal/vitamin/mineral supplement that works as advertised. I am an internist (MD) who happens to believe in nutritional supplementation and the positive effects of "alternative" measures to combat everyday ills--i.e. common colds, body and joint aches, skin ailments, etc. However, I am also very skeptical about the true benefit of many supplements. I find it amusing that most "alternative practitioners" bemoan the fact that most MD's are pharmaceutical pushers who are lapdogs for the drug companies while the "practitioners" preaching this are trying to sell something (to line their pockets)... but I digress. I was suffering from lack of energy, poor mental clarity and had multiple aches and pains like many people have. On a recommendation of a colleague, I tried Vibrant Health Green Vibrance--of course, after a bit of research. Wow! This is no placebo effect. Its careful balance of ingredients worked to improve my energy, mood and sense of well-being. I highly recommend it both from an anecdotal perspective (mine) and from a medical perspective. I will begin recommending it to patients. One word of caution.. in people undergoing chemotherapy who are neutropenic (i.e. extremely low white blood cell count--under 1000) the pro-biotics can potentially be harmful (i.e. even the good bacteria can be bad under these condtions). On the flipside, if you are taking antibiotics (and are not neutropenic) then I would highly recommend taking this because it is a good way to protect colon health and prevent Clostridium Difficile ("C diff.") colitis. Take care and take this supplement. You will not regret it!

    Another one:

    I recently was diagnosed with colon cancer. After surgery I had to take 30 radiation treatments. I was exhausted, so I went to a healthfood store seeking advice. I was told about Green Vibrance. I decided to try a packet. I did notice a difference in my energy level. I went back to the store and purchased the largest jar they had. I took it through my treatments and it helped a lot. Since treatments I would forget to take it once in a while and would feel tired. I now take it daily and can tell you it positively works. I have since stopped an expensive fruit and vegetable capsule I'd taken for years and switched totally to Green Vibrance. I'm sold on it. Thank you Green Vibrance!
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    You should be writing their ad copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drumroll View Post
    you should be writing their ad copy.

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