Hi everyone,

A lot of people say ''don't use any soap or any product on your body!''

But then there are people who say ''I used this amazing all-natural ingredient soap on my face/skin/body, and my blemishes/acne/complexion has cleared right up!''

It really frustrates me, because how do I know which course of action to take? And after how long should I make a decision about whether it works or not?

I've been debating whether or not to start using a specific soap for my face (gasp!). I did some research, and two reasonably common ones used are African Black Soap, and Turmeric Soap. They're both fairly cheap on Amazon, but I don't know which to get, or even if I should get them.

If anyone has any experience with either of these soaps, or any other soap, I'd really appreciate your input!



P.S there's also a Turmeric Acne Cream. Anyone know anything about that?