So I read the brags from other paleo/primal folks about how their immune system is rock solid, however I've not been so lucky. My family and I have still gotten just as sick in the past 10 months (went primal last September) and it seems for me as soon as summer comes I'm CONSTANTLY sick. Last weekend I battled full-on bronchitis, and this week it felt like it was getting better but this morning I woke up with a KILLER sore throat. So here we go again.

I'm SO tired of being sick in the summer, it's been like this for me the past 3 years. I even went to an allergist last summer thinking maybe I'd developed allergies later in life (I'm 38) but there were no positive tests.

For anyone who still gets regular colds/sore throats/sinus issues, have you done anything to increase your immunity that has actually worked? I'm practically in tears thinking of another week in a row of feeling crappy and am about to just start popping Emergen-C and Zinc lozenges.