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Thread: Tandy's Playful Primal Journey

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    Tandy's Playful Primal Journey

    I'm new to the forum. I like the idea of making my journey public and am going to make a new resolve to follow the primal blueprint better. I've been primal for almost 3 months (after being vegan and a carbaholic for 5 years) but make a lot of exceptions. I'm pretty sure I'm still 80/20 but don't think that I eat my 20% off with the spirit that I would like to. I still feel guilty and more importantly, I'm not seeing the results that I would like to see with losing weight. I am just starting to focus on the lifestyle/exercise portion within the last 2 weeks because my energy level was not very high when first transitioning to fat burning.

    I'm 5' 9 1/2" and almost 230 pounds on a small frame

    My off times are around my menses and I am not really sure what to do about the cravings post ovulation until my menses starts. My menses started today so it's a good time to start a journal for a new month.

    Today so far, I had a small glass of raw milk (grass fed) and I ate breakfast at a restaurant:
    3 egg havarti and ham omelet (local). I left probably 1/3 of it because I wasn't hungry any more. 2 eggs for breakfast for me is about right.
    2 strips of organic, nitrate free bacon
    2 small decaf coffees, cream and a little bit of raw sugar
    I did have a biscuit too. I tend to give in around my menses.
    I realized about half way through my meal that I should have ordered a side of veggies. Next time for sure.

    I have a sunburn from canoeing yesterday so I'm just laying low today with exercise. I need time to recover from the exercise and the air conditioning for my sunburn.

    That's it for now.

    I am certainly open to any type of feedback and advice. That's partly why I'm making this public.

    I've titled this "Tandy's Playful Primal Journey" because it is a journey for sure. A permanent one. I have made a commitment to myself. Playful because I am a playful person usually. I owned my own business leading music and movement playgroups for children and their parent and have become very invested in learning and playing more and more. I believe in the power of play. I am also a serious person sometimes and need to PLAY MORE. I need a more playful attitude about my lifestyle and shed the guilt I have surrounding my former sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle (15 years). I'm hell bent on making this fun!!!
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