I am still working my way through the PBP and have been lurking here for about a week. I need a journal to keep track of my progress or lack there of whatever may be the case. I am jumping in as much as I can cause my health has taken a huge dump the past 5 years. Some days I wake up and wonder how did I end up in this body?

Five years ago I was a mostly healthy 40 yr old woman at 5'9.5" and 160 pounds. I had never had a weight problem and decided to finally kick my smoking habit. So I quick smoking gained 30 pounds and that's where it all started. Fast forward and now I am 45 and looking at major metabolic syndrome. My bp is 150/90, fasting blood sugar 134, diagnosed hypothyroid, total cholesterol 190, and 240 lbs. I am a heart attack waiting to happen. I just started on thyroid meds and I am hoping that adopting this lifestyle will keep me off more medication and allow me to get my life back.

My husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan and won't be back for another 7-10 months. My goal is to get healthy and look great before he comes home. I have an awesome dh and he has supported me through so many challenges, but I know my weight gain has effect him. We are very active and usually spend our vacations in places where we can do some serious hiking. This past year I have been so tired, fatigued, and achy. I have zero energy and struggle to get through my day. Anyway I am determined to make this work and started eating primal 3 days ago. I plan on stopping in here as much as I can to document my progress to help keep me on track.

Today's food:

B: coffee with creamer ( French Vannilla)
L: 2 hard boiled eggs, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. A few blueberries and strawberries.
D: 3 egg omelette with cheese, sausage, and a few home fries. I ended up eating 2 pieces of toast which made me upset, but it was reflex cause the toast was on the table.

I had about 2 glasses of water throughout the day and another cup of coffee at dinner. I think bread and potatoes are going to be my biggest problem. I am trying to eliminate as many carbs as possible to maximize my fat loss, but I love bread .

One day at a time and I will get there. I have to, my life is depending on it.