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    Huarache Gal, you're totally welcome here!

    That's just a round number as a shorthand way of saying women of a fine age....and peri- to post-menopausal. The hormonal aspects of that I think can play a significant role in our overall health and weight issues. So there can be some particular additional aspects to consider.

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    Hi all
    I am 61. A couple of days ago I was doing some carpentry which I love when not 'working'. I was standing at the sink and did something, I can't recall what, and my shorts fell off! There in a shorts puddle on the floor were shorts I have loved wearing for years, now off to the recycle bin!

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    Hello everyone. I am 59. I have done 5 w30s, one was a W100 fairly recently. Awesome program and very black and white so easy to follow. It's basically an elimination diet. At the end of the 30 days, you add things like dairy, gluten, beans and other non gluten grains one at a time to see if there are things you never want to eat, rarely eat or have no effect on you physically or psychologically. The website and forums are great (they have moderators so miss information is cleared up immediately and everyone behaves themselves). Ton of info on the W30 site but I highly recommend reading It Starts With Food which is written by the founders of the program. It is not a weight loss program but many do lose weight.

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    Hi, everyone! I'm 45, likely not peri-menopausal yet since I just had a baby* four months ago, but I'd still like to consider myself part of this fine crowd if that's alright!

    *(No fertility treatments, either. I credit my 'advanced' fertility to good genes and clean livin'. Apparently only about one percent of women my age can still get pregnant naturally.)

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