Hi all!
My primal life is about a few weeks old, and I believe primal living have improved my life extensively. Though, I'm relatively new to this web site.
I'm reading several anti-primal or anti-paleo ideas from several sources over the internet. The latest one I read is in the following link:
Dissecting the Myth: Why Grains and Gluten Aren't Bad for You | Outlaw Fitness
The author is a grain-lover, and so he does not like the primal strategy offered by the Primal Blueprint. In the article, he quotes Mark and writes his responses to each point in some of Mark's articles on this site.
I wish Mark could write a response to that, and so enlighten the unknowledgeable ignorant such as I.
Alternatively, if any of you could do that (or point me to some direction), I would totally appreciate it.
Thank you for your consideration.