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Thread: What CAN I drink, for crying out loud? (is FRESH organge juice OK?) page 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by cori93437 View Post
    My biggest problem with the OJ in bottles on store shelves is that most of it is so sweet it's undrinkable unless I cut it by half with water.
    It's disgusting. Like they concentrate it then don't fully reconstitute it all the way.
    It just does not taste equal to the sweetness of eating the actual fruit IMO.
    I agree fruit juice is always sub-par compared to eating the actual fruit to me...even if you like fruit juice you should squeeze your own from the fruit itself to get anything that tastes halfway decent...the already squeezed stuff from the store is garbage to me.

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    Coconut water (LOVE Zico dark chocolate!)
    Orange juice or any 100% pure juice, like apple cider or carrot/apple
    Add lemon/lime to water or seltzer
    Iced tea in a zillion varieties
    Iced coffee
    Milk, if you tolerate it (raw is best)
    Mexican Coke and Sprite etc. is made with regular sugar if that's your thing once in a while.
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    Just drink water. Its really not that bad.

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    I'm a huge fan of fresh squeezed orange juice. I also love having fresh iced tea...yum. Plain or with a little bit of honey. Iced coffee is also fantastic, that's a super treat with honey and heavy whipping cream.

    I think your best best while you're on the road is flavored sparkling waters - they're soda-like if you dig the fizz, and easy to find. I don't know about Cyprus in particular but bottled sparkling waters and seltzers are commonplace all over, no?
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    you realize you can drink whatever you want, right?

    but here

    50 Awesome Flavored Water Recipes | 52 Kitchen Adventures

    it can be applied to tea as well
    yeah you are

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    We have a soda stream - the little machine thingy that carbonates water, so we drink a lot of carbonated water (we never add the sweetener) for something other then just plain old water. Something else good is regular 100% fruit juice mixed 50/50 with the carbonated water. It's not nearly as sweet (honestly 100% fruit juice is way too sweet for me anyway) and the carbonation really adds something to it! It's definitely not an "all the time" thing, but even a small glass of that once a day wouldn't be too bad.

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    NOTHING beats a refreshing huge bottle of still, mountain water ahhh.

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    I actually think that unflavored Pellegrino is better than plain water. But it was a close race.

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    has anyone tried the zevia sodas? there made with natural ingrediants ans stevia as the sweetner. I have thought about it but it is kinda pricey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phigment View Post
    has anyone tried the zevia sodas? there made with natural ingrediants and stevia as the sweetner. I have thought about it but it is kinda pricey.
    They are made with a chemical processed out of stevia, and in the US "natural flavor" (the label on the flavor I looked had no natural ingredients, only flavoring) just means that the chemical was refined out of a product when it existed in nature- it can be the exact same thing as a "flavor" and in fact often the flavor is environmentally friendlier because it can be synthesized with less waste byproducts than the "natural flavor".

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