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Thread: Carb only meal?

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    I was just wondering, during a 4-hour a day feeding period, would it be better to eat my daily carb allowance all in one shot at the start then waiting a couple of hours before eating protein + fat?

    Does this give insulin a chance to clear from my system?

    PS: carbs <60g, low GI

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    Not necessarily easy to do in practice as many foods are a something of a mixed bunch in terms of their chemical constituents. But not necessary either, I think.

    There are various "food combining" diets, such as the Hay diet where people are told you can&#39;t mix different foods. That&#39;s a false notion - healthy primitives mixed what they wanted with what they wanted. I&#39;d mix it up myself, some of this, and some of that, looking for interesting and tasty combinations as much as anything.

    On the other hand, I don&#39;t think it matters drastically if not every meal is "balanced" in itself. Some peoples would move from food source to food source seasonally. So far as I can gather, sometimes for a week or two they might be more-or-less only eating prickly pear cactus or whatever it was, then they&#39;d go off to exploit some shellfish. I think so long as someone&#39;s healthy and getting the right balance of nutrients over a longer time period they&#39;re all right.

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    Just eat what sounds good at the time. It&#39;ll all balance out over time.

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    No, with insulin you want to avoid spikes and crashes, you want to stay level. That&#39;s why some people recommend low GI foods - they are absorbed over time, not at once. Eating 60g of carbs might be a little shocking to your system.

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