If you haven't seen or heard, a huge area of southern Alberta is massively flooding.
Seriously, on Instagram or twitter, search #yycflood or #abflood

I've been glued to social media bc that is where I grew up. It's absolutely shocking to see all the flooding where usually it is drought ridden.

Anyhow, many people were quickly evacuated and had like 15mins to leave their house.

That got me to thinking - if I was quickly evacuated with no idea when I'd be going home or where I'd be staying, would I still try to eat primal? I mean, food and water right now are at a premium, with grocery shelves being emptied. Or would I take what I can get?
My 6yr old needs to eat GF, so would I still make her eat that way or would I let her eat whatever just bc I wouldn't know when we'd eat next?
What would you do during a natural disaster?