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Thread: What to eat during the apocalypse!

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    I asked this question not too long ago myself - glad I'm not the only one who thinks about it . . .

    I came down to canned fruit in fruit juice (not syrup), canned pumpkin puree, jerky, pemmican, nuts and seeds (including bars like larabars), canned organic chicken broth (I found a good GF variety at Natural Grocers), canned tuna and dried fruit. as the easiest to acquire.

    You can also get freeze dried organic produce (like carrots, spinach, and squash) from a few survivalist companies, I have learned - which is what I plan to do if I ever get serious enough about disaster preparedness to start stock piling freeze dried food in #10 cans . . .

    Paleo friendly multi-vitamins (soy, dairy and gluten free) would probably be good to have as well.

    Oh - and dark chocolate keeps pretty well and would be a nice treat during a disaster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DinoHunter View Post
    The neighbors...... (their just gonna become Zombies anyways...)
    But is it okay to eat the grain fed zombies? How do you tell the grain fed from the grass fed zombies?

    And some many people are taking various drugs and filling their bodies up with chemicals, won't most of them be non-primal to eat?

    What would Grok do in a zombie apocalypse
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    Quote Originally Posted by awok677 View Post
    Hmm, zombies are just meat that's been hung on the bone for a while. I mean, talk about tenderised, it's just falling off the bone, right? What's more, you don't even have to hunt them as they come to you. So really it's about having a decent set of recipes for zombie meat.
    I suggest packing some curry powder. That makes anything taste nice. . .

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    Fun fact:
    People are made of meat.

    My wife says we're going to have to get t-shirts made:
    "Don't Shoot, We're Cannibals, Not Zombies"
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    The way "" should have looked:

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    We're affected by the flood here in Turner Valley, AB. One highway washed out, the other is underwater and my car is too small to go through. Luckily I have a deep freezer full of frozen meats and veggies and there is no threat to our power, so cooking is an option. I did go to the local grocery store and stocked up on canned meat and veg and some liquor (need something to do/keep calm while waiting for things to subside), just in case there is a power outage. It was raining a ton previously and I collected the rain in as many containers as I could so as not to need to buy bottled water, or stress the towns water infrastructure.

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