Glad I got your attention.

I'm pretty young, @ 19 years old, so it's uncommon for guys my age to be eating healthy. When my friends ask me about Primal Eating and I mention that wheat is terrible for us, they go on to respond that they eat it all the time and dont seem to be having any problems.

And I kind of don't know how to respond to that, I guess it's just cause they're young and disease hasn't quite crept up on them yet (even though I have all sorts of symptoms... which I think have been slowly improving since eating Primal). A lot of people spend their whole lives eating wheat and the decreased immune function, impaired digestion, etc doesn't appear to be affecting a whole lot of people.

Does the body get used to dealing with it, or is it genetics? or what? I guess I'm also just frustrated that so many people can eat pretty terribly and the worst thing they get is keratosis pilaris. I feel like I was a born with a defective body or something.