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Thread: Functional difference between IFing and 0 carbing + caloric deficit?

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    Functional difference between IFing and 0 carbing + caloric deficit?

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    One of the many things I'm a bit confused with is how really different metabolically these two things are. Say, today - I had some cream with my morning coffee, and in the afternoon I had a couple soft boiled eggs with a spoonful of salsa and a small chunk of full fat raw milk cheese, and just a handful of pecans. 3 mile hike before dinner. Dinner was a masterpiece of a BAS, among my best ever, with wild caught salmon to top it off.

    So basically before dinner, with all those veggies, I was at under 10 carbs for the day - effective zero carbs plus 500 kcals before dinner - a big deficit for a 200lb male. What more really could I have gained in terms of insulin response, ketosis / fat burning, and general health by eating nothing all day before the BAS? I'm basically just curious, this is all part of sorting out this PB lifestyle, and so far I don't really enjoy skipping more than one meal at a time. BTW, I took a big nap today too, it was one of those lazy yet very PB days.

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    Your body would have been burning its stored fat almost exclusively, except for perhaps a small bit of lean mass depending on how vigorous your hike was.

    When you eat, your body will first use that for energy, basically.

    I'm wondering if after you've trained your body to regularly dip into its fat stores for energy by supplying it with ample dietary saturated fat, will it use fat stores in combination with the ingestion of a relatively low-fat meal?
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