So I am part of a diet/lifestyle website on FB. A man had posted his amazing transformation, stating he gave quit eating all the processed trash, more fresh meat, fruits & veggies. I made the mistake of commenting that I was doing primal eating (we all know what that is), and someone started trashing my comment saying she was from Europe and their doctors recommend Mediterranean eating lifestyles and that not eating any carbs is bad. Of course, we all know we are eating some carbs, but she was saying how eating large amounts of meats causes heart disease and diabetes (I seriously doubt it causes diabetes) but now I am left wondering if I am doing the right thing.

So much information, so many opinions, and I have a hard time deciphering for myself at times. I just want and NEED to get 100+ pounds off, not for vain reasons only, but for my health. I am still fairly young at 33 but have abused my body with food nearly that long and it has been telling me the last couple of years that its had enough. Interstitial cystitis, plantar fascitis, pulled/strained muscles, etc. I have read all the articles relating to heart disease and how this eating plan seems to reverse alot of these effects, including inflammation, but I do worry about the long term effects (high cholesterol, which I already have over 250). I just want to do the right and best thing for me and my family. We are doing this together and teaching our young daughter how to eat as well.