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    Just an's been about 3 weeks since I stopped eating the spelt bread and the dairy, except for butter. My acne is probably 70% improved. I tried very low carb and cutting back on fruit for one week in the middle, and felt terrible--ended up being a week late for my period and had weird heart palpitations, maybe low potassium? Added 2-3 fruits and a serving of sweet potato or quinoa daily, felt back to normal and my skin continued clearing up, so it seems my instincts that low carb doesn't work for me were right (although I would no longer eat a pound of grapes and two bananas in one sitting as I did in my raw food days). I'm pretty sure the wheat and dairy were the problem. I so wanted heavy cream to be okay for me but sadly I don't think so....the funny thing is that butter doesn't trigger the acne or the addictive response of liquid cream, even though it's a very similar substance...I wonder why that is?
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    Hey november,

    I'm glad your acne's clearing up. Mine was too, until I stupidly gorged on coconut water. The sugar in it made me breakout terribly, and I'm feeling really low.
    I've gone dairy free, to see if it'll make a difference. It's been about 3 weeks, but I still can't tell.

    When did you start seeing results from no dairy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by november View Post
    Oh, also I've been thinking of trying some kind of hormone-balancing herb for women but there are quite a few to choose from...chaste tree berry, dong quai, raspberry leaf, etc. Anyone know which might be most indicated for acne?
    I'm taking a herbal tonic with a mixture of herbs incl. chaste tree, rosemary, etc. but this was made for me based on my personal circumstances. I would highly recommend you NOT just picking something. Go to a good naturopath or herbalist and ask them for recommendations.

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    I am taking 5-htp as a dietary
    Supplement and I have noticed a
    Huge reduction of my acne

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