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Thread: Acne

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    Hey november,

    I'm glad your acne's clearing up. Mine was too, until I stupidly gorged on coconut water. The sugar in it made me breakout terribly, and I'm feeling really low.
    I've gone dairy free, to see if it'll make a difference. It's been about 3 weeks, but I still can't tell.

    When did you start seeing results from no dairy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by november View Post
    Oh, also I've been thinking of trying some kind of hormone-balancing herb for women but there are quite a few to choose from...chaste tree berry, dong quai, raspberry leaf, etc. Anyone know which might be most indicated for acne?
    I'm taking a herbal tonic with a mixture of herbs incl. chaste tree, rosemary, etc. but this was made for me based on my personal circumstances. I would highly recommend you NOT just picking something. Go to a good naturopath or herbalist and ask them for recommendations.

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    I am taking 5-htp as a dietary
    Supplement and I have noticed a
    Huge reduction of my acne

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