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    As far as non-diet related treatments go, I found a 20% salicylic acid gel peel dud the trick. A few years ago I somehow broke out in spots all over my face and it was the only thing non-rx that helped.
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    Going completely gluten-free does a lot for my skin. I've never had cystic acne, but I used to get annoying hormonal breakouts on my jaw, chin and neck. I played around a lot with different factors, like sugar, dairy, etc, and what I discovered is that gluten has a gigantic effect. I'm completely off it now, but on very rare occasions I'll cheat, and when I do, I just know I can expect a breakout within a week. And it happens like clockwork.

    Cutting out gluten also vastly reduced my PMS symptoms, to the point where I have to look at a calendar to know when my period is coming or it'll surprise me.

    Echoing what others have said about expensive skincare--the best routine I've found is coconut oil to cleanse and moisturize daily, with a light salicylic acid cleanse or enzyme mask (Alba makes one I love) every few days. And otherwise, I just let it be. However, I'm not a big makeup wearer. (But when I do wear it, there's nothing better than coconut oil for getting it off!)

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    I had acne for the first 28 years of my life. I did two changes then: 1. Mostly ditch grains and unhealthy carbs; and 2. Drink a lot of water.
    Since then, I don't develop acne. It started working immediately! But I don't know which one worked for me. In the weeks that I drink less water and/or consume some grains, I develop very small ones.
    Hope this helps.

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    I used to get moderate acne but completely cutting out grains eliminated it almost entirely. I also avoid starchy foods like potatoes and sugar (though I do eat chocolate). I still eat dairy. I would cut out grains, sugar, and dairy completely and see how you are. You have to experiment to find out what your trigger is.

    I also don't use any kind of topical ointment on my face. Just avoid touching your face and avoid your trigger(s) and your face should be clear in a few months.

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    My acne disappeared when I gave up wheat, dairy and all sugar!!! I pretty much stick to VLC but at least my skin glows LOL

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    Try homemade kefir!

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    It's different for everybody!

    Some things that make my skin worse:
    Washing my face with anything but cold water
    Bad oils
    Lack of good fats, especially saturated
    Dairy, which simultaneously can cause constipation, which also worsens any acne - a dastardly duo!

    Some things that make my skin clearer:
    Green tea
    Freshly dug dandelion tea
    Cold water
    Bacon, tallow, other good sources of animal fat
    Only washing my face/showering when necessary, like once every three days or if I get really dirty

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    That feeling when never had a pimple in my life
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    Well interestingly enough my skin has cleared up a lot after just a few days of cutting the bread and reducing my fruit intake to 2 small servings. I do wonder if I've been overdoing it on the fruit...coming from a high-raw diet, I'm used to eating many servings a day--I'd think nothing of eating two mangoes and a big bowl of grapes in one sitting. My skin actually glowed on raw vegan, but it wasn't a sustainable diet, and in my understanding, high meat and fat plus high fruit = impaired glucose tolerance and potentially, acne.

    Edit: I have also been taking this probiotic for about a month now, perhaps it's starting to kick in:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpamix View Post
    That feeling when never had a pimple in my life
    Lucky you.
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