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Thread: You know you are Primal when....

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    You know you are Primal when....

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    Cow's milk tastes too sweet

    You can taste the chemicals in conventional bacon - ack and gag!

    Your adolescent members of your family don't want to come to your house anymore cause you don't have any 'good' food

    Lets do this 'you might be a redneck..' style

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    You might be primal if "natural" ice cream is wayyyyy too sweet.
    ....if your neighbors don't even give you odd looks over climbing trees and sprinting down the sidewalk.
    ...Your definition of food can include redneck fast food: hitting an animal at 60 and taking it home for dinner.
    ...the neighborhood kids always want YOU to take them to the park because you play on the equipment with them.
    ...3 dozen eggs a week is a small week, you must've been sick.
    ...your BAS contains at 400 cal, probably closer to 600- 1000.
    ...Your favorite dessert has no added sugar and is still almost too sweet.
    ... Your cast iron just sits on the stovetop because there's no point in putting it away between meals.

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    - people constantly ask if you're "egg bound" yet
    - there is a blurred line between "ahhhh, cute" and "mmmmm, tasty"
    - you struggle to find high quality, deliberately fatty cuts.
    - you weed the veg patch and wonder what the weeds taste like
    - grapefruit tastes sweet!

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    Seaforth, Ontario, Canada
    You're at the farmer's market choosing paths. "Do we need to go down there?"
    "No, it's just baked stuff."

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    You go into the supermarket because they are having a sale on meat, fruit and veggies.

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    When you imagine scenarios where you would have to sprint, and smile because you know you could make it

    In Pursuit of Healthiness, Only to Achieve Happiness!:

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    Oslo, Norway
    you think 2 - 3 dinner spoons of coconut oil is a good snack
    you lick your platter to get all the fat
    you fry your bacon in butter to get more fat
    you fire up your grill at 05:30 in the morning to get a nice ribeye for breakfast
    you can wait until whenever to get something to eat while all your CW friends faints from low blood sugar
    Sometimes you need to be told the truth in order to be able to see it.

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    you eat too many Brussels sprouts and you figure it fits into the 80/20 rule
    your whole front yard has become a vegetable garden
    you've eaten eggs & bacon for breakfast and only have water at lunch with your friends who are ravenous because they had "healthy" fruit for breakfast
    you're the only person in your office with a stand-up desk

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    - you look forward to a Sunday roast with non-primals...cos you get all the best bits
    - your co-workers simultaneously express concern about you not having much (if any) lunch and commenting how lovely your dinner is smelling
    - you consume food, it doesn't consume you

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    You look forward to Saturday night for all the meat involved.
    Your officemate simultaneously comments on how the bacon in your BAS is bad for you but how it smells oh, so good.
    People can't decide if you're eating healthy or will die of a heart attack
    The idea of a donut or a cinnamon bun is like the idea of tree bark: sure, it's technically edible, but why would you want to?
    A grocery emergency is when you're out of steak, egg, or greens.

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