I almost feel like I’m entering an AA circle. “Hello, my name is Iwami, I have been a chronic dieter for 20 years” “Hello Iwami.”

Ok so in truth, I remember first going on a diet when I was about 12, rye bread, grapefruit, skim milk and other cardboardy tasting foods. Fast forward to age 34, I have been on and off diets, always low fat, “healthy” carbs, add in weight watchers for two years where I lost where I lost about 75 pounds (I think I mentally rounded it up to 80, because it sounds good). I am still overweight. So all this dieting you’d think I’d be a size 00. I mean isn’t that how it works?

In about 2008 I read Tim Ferris’s site that suggested no white stuff or anything that could be white stuff. So out went the breads, potatoes, cheese, milks. I think this was my first attempt at primal and I didn’t even know it.

A friend of mine, who was also looking to improve her health, sent me to an article on Marks Daily Apple. For the next 3 years, I tried various different things around the idea of paleo/primal. Even went to weight watchers again. Weight wouldn’t go down, just up. I couldn’t figure out the problem. Then last year around this time, my body gave me a huge hint. I started to get really bad headaches, tummy aches and I would become super lethargic after eating breads or pastas. So I cut them out, or at least tried too, and when I did I felt great.

But as you know the problem is, I love bread…. So I’d fall off the bandwagon and go back to bread, on and off, on and off. In August 2012 I moved to Japan. Whole wheat is rare here and so I happily munched on white bread. In December of the same year I found, by some miracle, whole wheat bread at the store. Only one package. I bought it and happily took it home to my husband along with peanut butter and jam. I bought it for him (ya right) but gladly took a slice the next morning to have with my eggs. I have never felt so much pain from food in my life as I did that night.

I swore off wheat.

I still occasionally ate stuff that had flour but stayed clear of breads and pastas all together which didn’t go unnoticed by my coworkers. For the sake of simplicity I just said I was allergic to wheat, which I guess is true although undiagnosed, nothing like an “allergy” to keep you honest.

In February I changed another dangerous habit. I stopped drinking diet Pepsi. Diet Pepsi was a staple in my diet for almost 15 years. I was never seen without a bottle of it. I mean I was trying to lose weight after all! In hindsight, I wish I had the commonsense and drive to quit sooner. I can just imagine the damage I have done to myself by drinking aspartame.

So here I am June 2013. Feeling good but having hit a snag. My husband supports me, there is little to no wheat in the house and he has given up his favourite food, breakfast cereal. He eats pretty much what I eat except when he is outside of the home. I am super grateful for his support, but it would be nice to have just a smidge more from outside the home…. So here I am.

End of intro…. …. I think.

So I have stalled the last two weeks with weight loss. I think I know my problem. Chocolate…. or rather an abuse of chocolate. It is difficult to find chocolate over 75% here unless I go to the foreign import stores which are a little far. So I have been eating Japan’s idea of dark chocolate which I believe is maybe around 50%.... Because I want to keep my carbs under 100g most of my carbs have been from chocolate and dairy. Bad all around. So I need to smarten up, put down the chocolate and replace my carbs with veggies.

Stats: 34yr/168cm

I am going for 60% fat, 20% carbs 20% protein. I was at 15% carbs and 80% fats but I felt like it was not right for me.

This morning’s breakfast:

Two slices of bacon (different from bacon back home )
Two egg whites with some yolk (I know I know… usually it is two whole eggs, but I gave my husband the yolks for his breakfast shake, I’m trying to get him to eat more eggs)
Goat cheese
Half an avocado
Coffee with heavy cream

Somehow a chocolate truffle got thrown into the mix >.< my bad


Salad with avocado, goat cheese, and olive and balsamic vinegar dressing.
Half a Daikon (Japanese radish)

Grass fed steak (stupid hard and expensive to find, but oh so good)
Broccoli with butter.

Total counts for the day

Calories 1,241 Carbs 23 Fat 89 Protein 80

Nice to meet you