Two days ago I did a very short but very heavy session.
My gym partner loaded me up with weights of 4-6 max reps. It was great!

Afterwards, and the next day, just a "pleasant" heavy feeling. Now, if I didn't know better I'd think someone beat me up with a baseball bat. It has NEVER been this bad! I can't dress myself properly.

The day after I did a light, calisthenic style workout (pushups, sit ups, lunges, squats) to keep those muscles moving but not exerting them too much.

I also ate the equivalent of a small hippo over my daily calorie recommendation of 2000cal (is this normal??)

Today I was thinking a short, light jog to lessen the muscle stiffness/soreness (hopefully)?

Not sure where I'm going with this post other than: OOOWWWWWW and seeking some advice on best recovery.