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Thread: Coffee and Coconut Oil??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kot View Post
    My usual breakfast

    1/8 cup unsweetened coconut or almond milk (to soakup the gelatin while coffee brews)
    2-4 tbs gelatin (gelatin makes it very frothy)
    2 tbs kerrygold butter
    2 tbs coconut oil
    2-4 squares 90% dark caco bar
    12-16 oz coffee
    3-4 packets stevia to offset the salted butter (wish I could source unsalted Kerrygold in AK)
    blender it until caco is melted, about 30 seconds

    This tides me over for 5-6 hours and then its not the MUST EAT NOW hunger like I use to get on CW.
    You don't have access to any other organic unsalted butters?

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    Very interesting breakfast, kot! I should try it too.
    I have used coconut milk in coffee. Tastes good, diferent than usual milk or cream, but good. And just once I put butter in my coffee (when had no other choice). I liked it, simply had not done it more. The conservative me sticks to the coffee recipe my granny used: coffee, chickory, cream!

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