I understand the whole "heavy lifting will keep you burning calories longer" & how important lifting is..I have just started adding more body weight exercises & kettlebells to my workout routine (which is pretty much just running or riding my bike in the mornings) But I am wondering how heavy do the "things" I lift need to be, for me to consider it apart of the "lift heavy things" rule & for me to get the advantages of the extra calorie burn..
The kettlebells I am using are 5-10 pounds & the hand held weights are only 5. I do have a 35 pound barbell that I use for squats, but to be honest I've only used once (like I said, I'm just now getting started)

So basically my question is,are the kettlebells I have a waste of time or are they helping me burn calories even after the workout? I dont exactly have a set in stone lifiting routine..right now its mostly losts of squats, upright rows, front raise, & basic kettlebell swings..

I know I sound like a total moron, but again I'm just now getting into lifting/hiit workouts.
I am down to my last 10 pounds & am tired of being flabby. I have friends who call me skinny fat, but honestly I'm just fat..I'd post a picture but I'm too embarassed & dont want to gross yall out..
(I'm a 24 yr old femaile 5'4 135 pounds- last time I checked..its been awhile bc I get so upset over the damn scale...waist is 28 inches) I would really appreciate some help & would love some suggestions & ideas for starting my routine. I cant get to a gym, but do have space at home to get a good set up there.