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Thread: Oh God, my side hurts so bad

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    Oh God, my side hurts so bad

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    As the title might suggest, my (left) side hurts really, really bad. It hurts at about belly button level,just above my hip bone. It came on all of a sudden, when I was youtube'in on the computer. I'm a chick, and since I'm on my period, I just though it was weird cramps (sorry for being gross XD), but I still thought that was weird since it wasn't anywhere near where I get cramps usually (MUH OVARIES ODDLY ENOUGH). My mother told me that sometimes it hurts when your egg releases or some crap, but I didn't really think that was the case, because I know my period-woes, and while I have many, this is not one of them. I just woke up, and it hurts even more. I lied down on my right side, which was a big mistake. That irritated my side even more, and I was kind of trapped like that for a minute or two because it hurt too bad to flip myself over. I can't walk up straight, and it hurts my side to breathe

    I'm rather prone to feeling like shit when it's that time of the month, but this seems very unusual. This has never happened before, and if this was happening on my right side, I would have assumed I had appendicitis, but since it's not, I have no idea what may be wrong. I don't even think we have any aspirin or any other over the counter pain meds, and I don't think they would help anyway. I don't have a fever or anything, but drat, I don't even want to move, because it's too painful.

    I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary, and the pain is to off to the side and low to be my stomach/intestines anyway, I believe. I also haven't taken any rough hits in that area, either.

    What do you guys think is wrong? I seriously cannot think of anything. Do you even have any organs in that area? *Thinks back to my anatomy unit in science*.

    EDIT: I can't go to the doctor. I guess it could be my bowels, although I didn't know they were so far to the left. It just seems odd because of how young I am. Bowel problems always seem to be an old people problem XD (Sorry old people. I'll be sure to stay off your lawn). I can only go to the doctor if my mother were to take me. We don't have any insurance, so unless I'm deathly ill, I couldn't warrant going to a doctor when we can barely afford food.

    Yay, my side pain has mysteriously vanished! It hurt really bad for two days, and than I went to sleep the second day, woke up and it was gone! Which is fantastic, because having to pay to have my appendix removed or something would have been a huge financial strain.
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    sounds like the bowel to me. Just inside your hip (it sounds too high, but yep that's where it goes by). You should get to the doctor. It's likely nothing serious (diverticulitis?), but if it is, you want it dealt with pronto. I wouldn't take any medication until you've at least spoken to a medical professional.

    (edit to add.... I hope you get better.... take care huh!)

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    Why can't you go to the doctor? This could be life-threatening.
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    +3 on the doctor!!!

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    this wouldn't be a typical presentation of appendicitis, but not impossible:

    other possibilities:

    Any disease process affecting organs or structures on the left side of the abdomen can cause pain there. Left side abdominal pain can also result from organs or structures far removed from the abdomen or near it, or even from pain spreading from other part of the abdomen.
    It is worth remembering that causes of central abdominal pain or even right side abdominal pain can over lap and cause pain on the left side of the abdomen.
    As in other parts of the body, pain on the left abdomen can occur from disease affecting the following organs found there. Organs and structures found in the left side of the abdomen are:

    • Left edge of the Liver
    • The Spleen
    • Body and Tail of the Pancreas
    • The Stomach
    • Left half of the Transverse Colon or large intestine
    • The Descending Colon
    • Sigmoid Colon
    • Left Adrenal gland
    • Left Kidney
    • Left Ureter
    • Left Ovary in women
    • Left Fallopian tube in women
    • Blood vessels on the left side of the abdomen including the aorta
    • Muscles of the wall of the left side of the abdomen
    • Nerves on the left side of the abdomen
    • Skin covering the left side of the abdomen.

    Structures not found on the abdomen that could still cause pain on the left side of the abdomen include:

    • Lower part of the Left Lung
    • Left half of the diaphragm
    • The heart

    In a few individuals, their appendix, and all other structures found normally on the right side of the body could be on the left, in a medical condition called Situs Invertus. In those individuals, causes of left sided abdominal pain are actually those causing right side abdominal pain in normal individuals. Here, we will concentrate on causes of left sided abdominal pain in normal setting.
    As states above, common causes of left side abdominal pain includes:
    • Heartburns
    • Gastritis
    • Stomach ulcer
    • Pancreatitis
    • Stomach tumour
    • Irritable bowel syndrome
    • Diverticulitis
    • Crohns disease
    • Ulcerative colitis
    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome - PCOS
    • Twisted or Ruptured ovarian cyst
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - PID
    • Endometrosis
    • Coelic disease
    • Constipation
    • Bowel tumour
    • Pulmoanry embolism - blood clots in the lungs
    • Hereditary Angioedema
    • Sickle Cell Disease
    • Porphyria
    • ... the list goes on and on like that of causes of abdominal pain.
      For ease of diagnosis, and to be able to understand the possible cause of left side abdominal pain in your case, causes of abdominal pain in this region is divided into causes of upper left side abdominal pain, if the abdominal pain is felt on the left side of the abdomen above the level of the umbilicus, and a lower left side abdominal pain if the pain occurs on the left side of the abdomen below the level of the umbilicus or belly button.

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    if it's period related, it'll go away with advil.


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    It's possible it could just be gas, I've had it happen to me there, BUT, it could also be MUCH worse. Get your rear in gear to a doctor.

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    How much does it cost to go to the doctor in the USA? Here in Australia many places 'bulk bill' ie Medicare pays the whole bill for children, and it still only costs me about $30 for a basic consult as an adult.

    I can't get over the idea of not getting medical help because of money... next time people tell me America is the leader of the free world or the best country in the world, I swear I'll laugh in their face. No matter how poor I've been, I've been able to get medical attention. I can't believe that Obama had to fight so hard to get universal health care. /rant.

    Gas goes away pretty quickly and period pain tends to be quite low and central. Ovulation pain is usually short and sharp. It could be constipation but it sounds more serious to me. You can't mess with your guts, you know - you don't want to wait until it's emergency surgery.

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    At least here in Seattle, nobody gets turned away from the hospital. If you don't have insurance, they must treat you anyway, at least in the emergency room. There's a sign in the ER to this effect. They will send you a bill, but you simply need to apply for a waiver, answer the questions on the form, and they will forgive the debt. Saw the whole process through from beginning to end with a friend of mine, and that's exactly how it worked.

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