My daughter K is almost 3.
She has been potty trained day and night since about Feb.
Since then she's been pooping her pants at least once a day, usually twice. She doesn't even notice half the time, even though it's more than a streak.
Part of me wonders if it's an attention thing bc she's the middle kid, with a 6yr old sister and 7 month old sister.
But part of me wonders if it's food related too, since she can control it during the night.
We eat gluten free 95% of the time bc it helps the 6yr old with bedwetting and chronic UTIs.
The kids have some processed stuff, but I do try to limit it. They eat traditional dairy, though not milk. They will eat vegetables and love meat.
Can a poop issue be because of sugar? Food additives? Food coloring?
Hubby thinks I'm blowing it all out if proportion and trying to make food the culprit for everything.
What should I do? It's hard to really limit their diet bc I'm not left with much they'll eat.
Help! I'm so tired of washing out dirty undies.....