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    In the gym, I usually only spend 20-40 minutes. As long as it takes for me to get in there, do my workout and get out.

    Do that 3 days a week, with some HIIT sprints thrown in 2 days a week, 60-90 min of yoga once a week and also 1-2 hours of tennis at a time whenever I feel the urge to play.

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    Twice a week. About one hour each time. 20 minutes core and 40 minutes lifting.

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    About 10 minutes a week is all I can tolerate in the Gym but I spend about 3 - 5 hours a week exercising good reason to be in the Gym unless you just prefer that environment over somewhere else.

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    20 min twice a week lifting heavy.

    20 min once a week bicycle sprinting and planking.

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    30 minutes tops per session. Usually one compound exercise per session, though i have started combining o/h press with bench press now.
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    1 x session of heavy lifts - HIT - around 10 - 15 mins per week
    1 - 2 x 10k runs per week

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